Pricing And Delivery Programs

We offer pricing and delivery plans to make propane your best fuel choice and to make Shute Oil & Propane your best propane service provider.

We know that different homes have different ways of budgeting their money. We’ve outlined the benefits of our price plans below. Check out the options we provide, and call us with any questions.

Prebuy Propane in the Summer to Save all Winter!

Prepay by Sept. 30 for deliveries to be made as needed September 1st – June 30th.

** Call us for Prebuy Contract Details! Offer is valid WHILE SUPPLIES last **


Prebuy means you can:

Avoid market spikes – price capped so that you always pay the lower price, your prebuy price or a lower market price
Enjoy no annual investment fee
Know your exact propane costs
Call for deliveries or choose automatic delivery
Sign-up by Sept 30
Pay online or with cash, check, debit from checking, or credit card. Call for details!

Our Budget pay plan allows you to divide your propane purchase into monthly installments. Payments begin in July with 11 equal payments and a 12th settle-up month.


With Budget Pay, you get:

Automatic Delivery
Monthly payments
Pay online or with cash, check, debit from checking, or credit card

Our Automatic Delivery Program leaves the scheduling to us! If you sign up for Automatic Delivery, we add you to a regular route so that we stop by each month to top off your tank. How’s that for service? You won’t need to call us for a delivery.


This reduces the possibility of an undesirable out-of-gas situation. Shute Oil & Propane does ask you to notify us if there has been a change in your home that increases your usage. If you are not currently enjoying Automatic Delivery, call today.

Some customers prefer to let us know when they need a propane delivery. They order on a “will call” basis. It is important that Will Call customers do not let their tank get below 30% to ensure we can schedule a delivery. It is your responsibility to watch your gauge regularly. Watch the video on our propane safety page to see how to check your gauge!

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